Steps to becoming an Overcomer

This morning while thinking of what to blog about this came to me. I know it is from God.

Steps to becoming an Overcomer

  1. Make peace with your past
  2. Cast a Vision
  3. Make a Plan
  4. Build a Support System
  5. Develop Persistence
  6. Develop Patience
  7. Set Small Goals
  8. Track Progress
  9. Be Your Own Cheerleader
  10. Overcome the obstacle or obstacles holding you back from your best life
  11. Give Back

Wednesday Prayer: 1/2/2019

Abba, I thank You for this day. I thank you for Yeshua. I thank You for my knowledge of truth and ask that You continue to lead me and countless others into truth and freedom. Set us free and set us into families. Grow communities. Grow pockets of those who live in Your Truth.

G-d, protect us in the end times. But do not allow us to love our lives so much that we (or our descendants) take the mark of the beast. I pray that we would hold out and resist until the end. Let us not relent.

Lord, I pray that You would prosper me for the purposes of raising my children and helping others in my family. Give me a passion to serve my family: my children, my parents, my siblings and my nieces/nephews. LORD, above all, allow me to serve a spouse if/when you decide that it is the right time for you to release a spouse into my life.

Be with me at work. I pray that I would stay well so I don’t have to call in sick. I pray that You would improve my energy so I am not so tired on my days off and I can get more accomplished.

I pray for this blog. I pray that it would grow this year. I pray that by the end of the year that I am making $10,000.00/ month or more off of my blogs and YouTube channels. Lead me to provide good quality content. Empower me to be consistent. Allow me to show other single women/wives/mothers how to duplicate my techniques so that they too can stay at home and take care of children, take care of their husbands or just work for themselves and be out of the harshness of this world.

LORD, get me through college. It is such a desire of my heart. I have longed to have a college degree for over 20 years. Please keep anything and everything away that would prevent me from achieving this goal. Give me the patience and determination to do my homework every day so that I make good grades.

I enter Your gates with praise and thanksgiving. I know that as I pray things are changing in the spiritual realm. Thank you for faith: the substance of things hoped for.

Where I am right now

So I have found some resources for online marketing through a YouTube video. I am hoping that they will help me prepare for social media management clients. I am thankful and feel like G-d is starting to answer my prayers to move to Kentucky by summer.

I do feel something holding me back from diving into this online learning. I am not sure what it is. Maybe it’s spiritual. Maybe it’s my fear of failure. I don’t want to fail, so I have made a plan of saving 6 months income before I move. This will probably push my moving day back awhile but I want to ensure the kids and I don’t end up in a bad position.

I am so tired on my off days that I sleep off and on all day on Sunday and Monday. I don’t get much done on these days except laundry, shower and rest.

Wednesday Prayer: 12/26/2018

I decided that on Wednesday I am going to post prayers on all of my blogs.


Thank You for my life. Thank you for humbling me. I pray You would reveal more of Yourself to Your followers. Lead us in Your truth. Open our eyes to Your Ways. Let us not be offended by You. Transform us from who we are into who we will be in eternity with You. Let us do more than glimpse at eternity. Let us have a firm grasp on eternity. Make those who believe in Torah to be humble servants. Let them serve and teach like Yeshua. I pray for signs and wonders. Let us heal the sick as Yeshua did. Show us. Let the men lead like Yeshua. Let the women walk in the ways of a Proverbs 31 women. Let us fully comprehend Your ways and be obedient to them. Let Yeshua’s followers give Yeshua a good name. Remove the cheap “Christian” merchandise. Let those companies improve their wares or go bankrupt. Remove our taste for the cheapest thing. Give us a desire for quality made by people who are earning fair wages. End sweat shops. Give Your people, Your true people the finances to purchase fairtrade goods and to start more fairtrade businesses. Let Your people ensure that everyone gets a fair wage for a hard days work. Show us how to do this oh LORD. Give us the divine connections to see that people are educated so they can get better jobs. Show us how to do this. Make helping people our life’s work.

Let us work tirelessly but do not let us neglect our first love – YESHUA. Let the passion for Him be so strong and only grower stronger each year. Refine us all in Your Cleansing fire.

Give us divine strategies for prayer that lead to success in this life and reward in the next. Let us Love G-d and love each other.

G-d, I pray that You would bless my finances so that I can move back to Kentucky to be with my children. I pray that You would bring a godly man into my life for marriage. Allow us to have a pure friendship first. Give me and all Proverbs 31 women more time with their children. Open our children’s hearts us to Your truth. Let parents be salt that we would make them thirst for the righteousness of Christ. Show us LORD. Forgive us for lying to our children. Forgive us for neglecting their need to know Your Ways. Thank you for forgiving us. Thank You for making our sin as white as snow. Our righteousness is but filthy rags. Cover us with Yeshua’s righteousness. Clothe us do not let us live a life that brings you disgrace. Allow us to provide for our family and have abundant provision to provide for others. Let us not live lavish lifestyles. But to be generous to as many as You Will. Let us gather together and share resources so taht no one is in need. Let us be like the church in Acts.

Abba, grow this blog. Allow it to be a thriving business for me and my family. Let it be place for other women to come and learn how to be a Proverbs 31 & Titus 2 woman/wife/mother.

I pray all these things in Yeshua’s name and for His sake,


Feeling Lonely

“God makes a home for the lonely…” an excerpt from Psalm 68:6 (AMP)

I have been feeling so lonely lately. It is a combination of things that give me this feeling of a great void in my heart.

First, I have started my path of Torah Observance again and I don’t have any friends near me who follow this path. I was just starting to establish some friends at church when I was G-d convicted my heart to start following Torah again and I didn’t feel like it would be right to still attend church on Sunday. I am a member of several Torah Observant groups on Facebook, but I still feel alone in my walk. I want to establish some group Skype calls for fellowship, but haven’t had much success with this as of yet.

Second, I have always wanted to move back to Kentucky to be near my children, but the desire to do this is now so strong. I am trying to increase my income so that I can move closer to them and be in their lives daily. I miss them so much.

Third, I see that I am entering into a season of preparing for marriage. At least I am prayerful that I am going to be married to a great man of G-d within the next few years. I know there are many things in my life that need to be refined, especially how I take care of a home. I don’t have many responsibilities for caring for a home or preparing food for anyone except myself right now. I am going to be moving in with my dad sometime early 2019. I decided that I would prepare meals for him and help care for the house. He is a bachelor and doesn’t really have all the domestic skills. I am praying if this is something that G-d would have me to do to minister to my dad even after I move back to Kentucky. I thought about coming up one day a week to prep food for him, clean his house and do his laundry. I am hoping this will lead my dad closer to The LORD Yeshua/Jesus.

Let’s close with a prayer.

Abba, I ask that you would do as scripture says and lead the lonely into families. Equip me & my family to be your hands and feet for this task. Give me and my future husband the financial resources to set up homes for single moms, homeless and mentally ill. Bring forth those who would labor tirelessly with us both as volunteer and paid workers. Prepare the hearts of those we would serve so that they would receive the truth of The Gospel message. Lead others out of darkness and into the light of following The Torah as Yeshua did. God, lead the future spouses to find their mates in the online Facebook groups I am in. Increase the income of the men in this group so that they can adequately provide for their family. Give the women careers they can do out of the home and in conjunction with their homemaking & child-rearing responsibilities. Allow both men and women to put G-d first, family second and career third. Convict our hearts tithe and as we tithe we are expecting you to open the floodgates and pour out a blessing that we can not contain. G-d, lead the readers of this blog into a deeper relationship with you, Oh LORD. Abba, I ask that you would guide my every thought and teach me what you want me to teach others. Make this blog and my outreaches a safe haven for many. I pray all these things in the precious name of Yeshua. Amen

Life Update: Naming my season

I believe (now more than ever) that all of the Bible is applicable to today and that includes the feasts, commandments and all the parts that are a not commonly followed by the most publicized parts of the flock of Christ-followers. I don’t feel equipped to talk about theology in an educated manner (maybe because only men are Rabbi’s ).  I feel my place is to seek G-d and simply trying to inspire, encourage other Proverbs 31 / Titus 2 women as I share my journey.

I was planning to go into ministry at the beginning of the year, however, this new revelation of Torah Observance make it less likely to get donations from Christian churches & I’ve been advised that I am just not wise enough in Torah to be in ministry. So it seems like I am sacrificing financially for G-d yet again. I am praising Yeshua for the ability to give up something for Him since He gave His whole life for me & gave me abundant life.

In this upcoming season, I hope G-d will prepare me to be a wife. I want this more than I want a ministry. I recall reading that a woman should learn in silence and with complete submissiveness. I hope that is how I will learn new things moving forward.

So, I am taking a few months break from school. G-d willing, I will be starting school in the second session of the spring 2019 semester at Arizona State University (online). I will at that time be moving in with my dad for a season. I am hoping it will be brief because I really want to move back to Kentucky to be with my children. (Please Abba, bless my finances so I can move back to Kentucky and rent a house for my children and myself. amen)

I am thoroughly convicted that a woman that is so needed as a home manager (with and without children)  that nothing should get in the way of this calling. Therefore, as a woman seeks a career she should look for something where she can work mainly out of her home. This is outlined in Proverbs 31.  The woman makes linen garments, sashes and owns a vineyard. I believe that Vineyard is a personal ministry. But let’s say that all three of them are businesses. Only one third is outside the home. 

I also believe that multiple streams of income are biblical for a woman because a proverbs 31 woman has them. My mom is the first person to tell me about multiple streams of income. At first it seemed like too much, but now it is part of my plan. I will have several different streams of income and work from home (as either single or married), homeschool (G-d willing) and do outreach to moms and low income women.

Until next time,

Jordan Christine

Breaking my “Sleep Budget”

A week or so ago I took all the hours in a week (168 hours) and divided them up amongst the activities that I have. I “spent” every hour of time on everything from sleep, cooking/eating, prayer time, study time for college, Bible study time and ministry and a few other things. I only calculated spending 6 hours a night on sleep. I thought I could get a lot more work in by giving up two hours a night. 

God taught me that i can’t give up sleep. Although I tried to stick to six hours, I’ve been sleeping eight hours on average. Rest is important. DON’T Sacrifice your sleep.