Breaking my “Sleep Budget”

A week or so ago I took all the hours in a week (168 hours) and divided them up amongst the activities that I have. I “spent” every hour of time on everything from sleep, cooking/eating, prayer time, study time for college, Bible study time and ministry and a few other things. I only calculated spending 6 hours a night on sleep. I thought I could get a lot more work in by giving up two hours a night. 

God taught me that i can’t give up sleep. Although I tried to stick to six hours, I’ve been sleeping eight hours on average. Rest is important. DON’T Sacrifice your sleep.


My Support Letter

I typed up a support letter on Thanksgiving (below). I decided not to send it out yet. I am going to wait until May 2019 to send out any support letters. I figure that will give me some time to show my work to potential donors.

Hello! It’s the evening of Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for many things. Above all I am thankful for the work that God has been doing in my life especially in the past fourteen years. He has taught me (and continues to teach me) how to discern His gently whispers as thoughts in my mind from the enemy’s voice. He has taught me humility (thinking of myself less) and given me a desire to pursue Him above anything else. He has taught me a lot of lessons that I learned over long periods of time and I am in the process of learning more invaluable lessons right now.

I am so inspired by God (His forgiveness, honesty, provision and grace) that I am again answering His call on my life. I have restarted work on my humble online ministry. I am a social media missionary and am using social media to get out the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus Christ. I am using mostly Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest and my blog ( I don’t havemuch equipment right now but am doing the best I can with what I do have. Ihave a laptop and a cell phone and a strong desire to make a difference.  I need video equipment and a better internetconnection. I am trying to be a good steward with my time & resources andknow what I desire will come right on time. I know this because I am dealingwith an ON TIME GOD. He is never early, but never late. He comes through ONTIME, EVERY TIME. I am not lacking in my passion and love for Yeshua/Jesus& my strong desire to disciple women. I want to lead them on a path where theycome closer to Christ and they become equipped to answer God’s call on their life. I want to equip them to disciplebecause that is what our Savior did. He equipped the disciples then they made otherdisciples. I believe that everyone in Christendom should ‘play’ in the Kingdom.We all have talents. We all have testimonies. We all have some time. I want theladies I disciple to use all three of these for The Kingdom as God calls them. Itwill look different for each woman and will change in each season of her life.

 I am trying to raise funds for this ministry, so I can dedicatemore time to Kingdom work. I am asking you to donate $30/month for the next 12months. This will allow me to dedicate 40 or more hours a week to local outreachand online ministry.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

In His Will,

Jordan Christine

P.S. You can make your donations through paypal at this link:

Developing Outreach: Starting small

In addition to doing online ministry, God has put it on my heart to do local outreach. I hope these things will grow as my ministry grows. Please pray for my efforts.

I will be getting a car in January, God willing. When I get a car I am going to start babysitting for a single mom in another county on Thursday nights. She is a hairdresser and needs to work late one night a week. I am also going to take my teenage niece out for lunch one Sunday afternoon a month. I hope to connect with other women on at least one other Sunday afternoon a month.

Also starting in January I am going to facilitate a twenties/thirties group at the church I attend. God spoke to me today during the service to also have a prayer meeting. I can’t commit to doing that yet because I have to work another job just to pay my bills in the evening. I know this means I need to raise support for myself so I can do more things.

Online I am hosting a social gathering on Monday at 10 am and Wednesday at 10pm via Skype. I hope it will give me an opportunity to get to know some women and speak into their lives.


Jordan Christine

Technical Difficulties on Turkey Day

I have been trying to upload videos for several days but because my internet connection is so slow I have been unsuccessful about 80 percent of the time. I only got one video out of five uploaded in the past two days. I will probably be doing photo and blog posts exclusively until January or February when I will get a faster internet connection. I will be moving in with my dad then and that is when I will get an internet connection in my name. So I ask that you be patient with me until then.

I apologize that I haven’t been blogging everyday like I thought I would. It has just been so difficult to come up with Instagram, YouTube and blog content everyday. Most days I am listening to a lot of sermons and doing some Bible reading on my own, plus working. I know it is possible to post everyday, but I just haven’t been successful at it yet. I am hoping I can get into a solid routine starting now. 

So it is Thanksgiving and I am so very thankful for a lot of things. I am above all thankful for my relationship with God. I am starting to sense more of His leading and guidance, especially when I am doing things with ministry.

So I didn’t get to talk to my kids today. I knew I wouldn’t be talking to my oldest son Braedan. I haven’t talked to him in over a year. I did think that I would talk to Sam and Eden. But it didn’t work out. I am a little bummed. I am really missing my kids. I haven’t seen them in months. However, Sam and Eden are coming to see me on December 7th. It is the weekend of the holiday party at the church I attend with my mom and step-dad. 

I started tracking the messages that I listen to on YouTube. It isn’t all the messages/songs I listen to because I am constantly on Spotify and podcasts. I wanted to be able to look back and reference what is feeding me spiritually. I am listening to a wide variety of people. I am amazed at the diversity in the Kingdom. I hope to find my place and my stride soon. I am not sure what to do to increase my audience. 

I know it isn’t all about the size of the audience, but the quality of the content. I just need to do my best work. 

That’s all for now,

Jordan Christine

Personal Testimony: God Provides

One of the things I can testify to personally is God’s ability and willingness to provide for you during every circumstance. God has always provided for me (I will share some of the circumstances below) and I believe God will provide for you also. I am hoping within the next ten years, that God will use me to help get women and their families out of poverty.
I was kicked out of my Aunt’s house at 18 and God provided me with a place to stay and a few short months later He provided me with a good paying job and benefits. Years later, I was getting out of an abusive relationship, again God provided my young son and me with a place to stay. When I had financial troubles on multiple occasions again God provided for my children and me. He provided us with food and shelter. I will say there are a lot of things that I went without., but my basic needs were met. I have been without a car for over five years, but I have always had a way to work even if that meant walking. When winter turned to summer, I had to cut the legs out of my children’s pants, so they could have something to wear in the heat. It’s only been this year that I started getting more than just a few items of clothing and most of my clothing is from Wal-Mart.
I know there are a lot of people with needs of food and shelter. I also know it isn’t practical to think that I can provide for all of them myself.  I want to teach other women what God has taught me and also empower them to disciple others. By doing this, in addition to teaching as Yeshua/Jesus taught, we are increasing the impact of this ministry.

Before a woman can decide what to do with her life.

I am in a psychology class this semester, and we were studying the needs hierarchy. It states that basic needs must be met before a person can achieve less basic things like education, opening a business, etc. I want to help women meet their basic needs so they can achieve these greater things more easily. I want to have a place for women to live together in community while they go to school. I don’t know how long it will take before this part of my dream becomes a reality, but God does. I am confident if I do my best that God will bring all the right things into place.

It is so difficult for a woman to have the mental strength to go to school or take other steps to be in business for herself when she doesn’t know how she is going to pay for rent, groceries, etc. It is also difficult for a woman to think of anything but survival when she is in an abusive relationship.  I have been in both scenarios on more than one occasion. In addition, I have had unstable living situations in my adult life for multiple years. It was only when I finally got an apartment of my own that I decided to go back to school. (soon after I had conflicts with my roommate and moved to Butlerville with my mom and step-dad). It was by God’s grace that in the window of opportunity I made a plan to go back to college.

God’s grace an provision for me has motivated me to be God’s hands and feet for other women in my situation. I want other women to succeed. Getting to a place where I can serve others is a big motivator for me.

Until next time,

Jordan Christine


Comparing yourself to others


I have searched through blogs, Instagram and YouTube looking for inspiration. Maybe I am looking for a mentor of sorts, someone who can guide me in the right direction with this ministry without really knowing it. But I haven’t found anyone like me. YouTubers who are living with their parents are in high school. Women in college are about 20 years younger than me, and the women who appear to be my age are in the prime of their careers. At first, I was comparing myself to these women. When I was doing this, I felt so out of place. Finally, I came to my senses with a few simple thoughts: Daniel was anointed to be King and then spent years in the wilderness. Moses spent years away from Egypt before coming back to free the Israelites. Jacob spent years in prison even though he was innocent before becoming second in command of Egypt. Their trials prepared them for their victory.

I want to say this to you today. You are where you are for a specific purpose. There is only one person with your specific viewpoint. There is only one person who can have a positive impact like you. You are significant.  Your strength isn’t some other woman’s strength. Your interest isn’t someone else’s interest. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find success. Don’t compare yourself to others.