God spoke to me


So I was walking through Target. I was picking up a few things and trying to kill time before my brother would pick me up. I don’t have a car right now so I was getting a ride home with him after work. There in the aisle, God spoke to me. He just whispered a thought in my head. If I hadn’t been humbled by life events in the past fourteen years, then I would probably just think “I am so smart”. But I have been humbled and I know God gave me that thought. I have been very leery of people who speak to God because of my experiences with thinking I was hearing from Him and I wasn’t. Also because people told me they were hearing from God on my behalf and it caused me a lot of pain.

So I believe God gave me direction for Pursue Beautiful Living. This blog is going to become several things: a documenting of my entrepreneurial journey, Bible teaching and motivating other women to pursue God’s calling on their life.

I am so excited! I can’t believe I found an angle for my blog that really inspires me. I have dozens of ideas for ORIGINAL posts and videos! EUREKA!


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