Hearing From God

Since I mentioned in my last blog post that I heard from God, I thought that you should know how you can hear from God too. Anyone can hear from God. I believe that God speaks to everyone. It may be through His Word (The Bible). It may be through others, like a pastor, a friend or even the words of children. I also believe that He speaks to our spirit. The best way to describe it is just a thought that seems to pop in out of nowhere. If you would like to hear about my recent experience in hearing from God then go check out my previous blog post.

Here is some advice on how you can position yourself to identify when you hear from God. I do want to mention that the enemy speaks to us as well and we are supposed to “test the spirits” Definitely make sure what you hear is in line with the Bible and seek wise counsel from older Christian women before you act on any “word”. I knew what I heard was from God because it lined up with scripture “Go and make disciples of all nations”.

If you are a Christian then you have already heard from God. He spoke a desire into your heart to follow Yeshua/Jesus and you accepted. CONGRATS! You responded to the longing for a Savior and the command that Yeshua gave us to “repent. For the Kingdom of God is near”.

If you have a strong desire to hear from God then I suggest: Reading your Bible, Prayer Journaling and Worshipping Him for extended periods of time. You can start with a few songs, but there are some people who worship Him for hours. At one point in time, I was one of those people. I listen to Christian music a lot now, but I need to get back into the practice of worshipping Yeshua. He definitely deserves all of our praise and thanksgiving. He does tell us in His Word to “enter His gates with praise and thanksgiving”. I personally believe that God is more like a fast food restaurant rather than a sit-down dining experience. At a fast food restaurant, you pay for your food before you get it. I think it’s the same with Father God; you have to praise Him for the victory before it comes to you. I guess another thing you can do is praise Him for hearing His voice before you identify that you hear it.

God’s voice is just a whisper to in your mind. A gentle thought. I believe prayer is powerful so you can also pray that God would give you the ability to hear His voice more clearly.

If you are interested in getting spiritually fed then find a local church. Speak to the pastor’s wife about hearing from God and seek out an older woman to be a mentor. Good luck with this and God bless. And keep in mind that God is guiding your every thought. He is allowing all the thoughts you have to come into your head. It is His allowable will.


Jordan Christine


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