The need for this ministry/blog

I see a real need for this ministry/blog. I can’t seem to find any women’s ministries from women who talk about their problems openly. I am not saying there aren’t any out there, but I am not finding them. It’s been a real struggle for me to keep a consistent testimony. I will do something right for a while, then I fall back into old habits. Year’s ago I went to church multiple times a week, read my Bible and worshipped God all the time, but since my diagnosis, I’ve had periods of time where I put God on the back burner. I still believed in Yeshua/Jesus, but I wasn’t pursuing a relationship.

Has anyone else had tests come their way and they failed? I know I have. I also know I am not going to stay there in my sin. I am striving to do better and not use ”grace” as an excuse not to pursue wholeheartedly after the things of God. We are supposed to work out our faith with fear and trembling. I don’t think many people today do that. The Bible tells us there are going to be people who ministered God’s word and even did acts in His name, but they aren’t going to make it into Heaven. I had read that scripture multiple times, but the last time I read it I had a strong reaction to it. I gave up trying to impress God. I am not trying to impress God with this blog/ ministry. I am moved into action because of the forgiveness, grace, and provision I have been provided with over these past seven years. My mom has really been there for me. She provided me with a home and food when I couldn’t afford to provide for myself. She is still providing me with a place to live. She is generous to my siblings also.

I want you to be able to provide the best life for yourself as you can. I have a desire to help women successfully work for themselves. There is so much freedom in being your own boss and I want as many women who desire it to have it. I want to help you as much as I want to help myself. Right now this blog is keeping me accountable and I want to be a success so I can help other women like you achieve your dreams.


Jordan Christine


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