Comparing yourself to others


I have searched through blogs, Instagram and YouTube looking for inspiration. Maybe I am looking for a mentor of sorts, someone who can guide me in the right direction with this ministry without really knowing it. But I haven’t found anyone like me. YouTubers who are living with their parents are in high school. Women in college are about 20 years younger than me, and the women who appear to be my age are in the prime of their careers. At first, I was comparing myself to these women. When I was doing this, I felt so out of place. Finally, I came to my senses with a few simple thoughts: Daniel was anointed to be King and then spent years in the wilderness. Moses spent years away from Egypt before coming back to free the Israelites. Jacob spent years in prison even though he was innocent before becoming second in command of Egypt. Their trials prepared them for their victory.

I want to say this to you today. You are where you are for a specific purpose. There is only one person with your specific viewpoint. There is only one person who can have a positive impact like you. You are significant.  Your strength isn’t some other woman’s strength. Your interest isn’t someone else’s interest. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find success. Don’t compare yourself to others.


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