Before a woman can decide what to do with her life.

I am in a psychology class this semester, and we were studying the needs hierarchy. It states that basic needs must be met before a person can achieve less basic things like education, opening a business, etc. I want to help women meet their basic needs so they can achieve these greater things more easily. I want to have a place for women to live together in community while they go to school. I don’t know how long it will take before this part of my dream becomes a reality, but God does. I am confident if I do my best that God will bring all the right things into place.

It is so difficult for a woman to have the mental strength to go to school or take other steps to be in business for herself when she doesn’t know how she is going to pay for rent, groceries, etc. It is also difficult for a woman to think of anything but survival when she is in an abusive relationship.  I have been in both scenarios on more than one occasion. In addition, I have had unstable living situations in my adult life for multiple years. It was only when I finally got an apartment of my own that I decided to go back to school. (soon after I had conflicts with my roommate and moved to Butlerville with my mom and step-dad). It was by God’s grace that in the window of opportunity I made a plan to go back to college.

God’s grace an provision for me has motivated me to be God’s hands and feet for other women in my situation. I want other women to succeed. Getting to a place where I can serve others is a big motivator for me.

Until next time,

Jordan Christine



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