Developing Outreach: Starting small

In addition to doing online ministry, God has put it on my heart to do local outreach. I hope these things will grow as my ministry grows. Please pray for my efforts.

I will be getting a car in January, God willing. When I get a car I am going to start babysitting for a single mom in another county on Thursday nights. She is a hairdresser and needs to work late one night a week. I am also going to take my teenage niece out for lunch one Sunday afternoon a month. I hope to connect with other women on at least one other Sunday afternoon a month.

Also starting in January I am going to facilitate a twenties/thirties group at the church I attend. God spoke to me today during the service to also have a prayer meeting. I can’t commit to doing that yet because I have to work another job just to pay my bills in the evening. I know this means I need to raise support for myself so I can do more things.

Online I am hosting a social gathering on Monday at 10 am and Wednesday at 10pm via Skype. I hope it will give me an opportunity to get to know some women and speak into their lives.


Jordan Christine


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