Life Update: Naming my season

I believe (now more than ever) that all of the Bible is applicable to today and that includes the feasts, commandments and all the parts that are a not commonly followed by the most publicized parts of the flock of Christ-followers. I don’t feel equipped to talk about theology in an educated manner (maybe because only men are Rabbi’s ).  I feel my place is to seek G-d and simply trying to inspire, encourage other Proverbs 31 / Titus 2 women as I share my journey.

I was planning to go into ministry at the beginning of the year, however, this new revelation of Torah Observance make it less likely to get donations from Christian churches & I’ve been advised that I am just not wise enough in Torah to be in ministry. So it seems like I am sacrificing financially for G-d yet again. I am praising Yeshua for the ability to give up something for Him since He gave His whole life for me & gave me abundant life.

In this upcoming season, I hope G-d will prepare me to be a wife. I want this more than I want a ministry. I recall reading that a woman should learn in silence and with complete submissiveness. I hope that is how I will learn new things moving forward.

So, I am taking a few months break from school. G-d willing, I will be starting school in the second session of the spring 2019 semester at Arizona State University (online). I will at that time be moving in with my dad for a season. I am hoping it will be brief because I really want to move back to Kentucky to be with my children. (Please Abba, bless my finances so I can move back to Kentucky and rent a house for my children and myself. amen)

I am thoroughly convicted that a woman that is so needed as a home manager (with and without children)  that nothing should get in the way of this calling. Therefore, as a woman seeks a career she should look for something where she can work mainly out of her home. This is outlined in Proverbs 31.  The woman makes linen garments, sashes and owns a vineyard. I believe that Vineyard is a personal ministry. But let’s say that all three of them are businesses. Only one third is outside the home. 

I also believe that multiple streams of income are biblical for a woman because a proverbs 31 woman has them. My mom is the first person to tell me about multiple streams of income. At first it seemed like too much, but now it is part of my plan. I will have several different streams of income and work from home (as either single or married), homeschool (G-d willing) and do outreach to moms and low income women.

Until next time,

Jordan Christine


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