Wednesday Prayer: 12/26/2018

I decided that on Wednesday I am going to post prayers on all of my blogs.


Thank You for my life. Thank you for humbling me. I pray You would reveal more of Yourself to Your followers. Lead us in Your truth. Open our eyes to Your Ways. Let us not be offended by You. Transform us from who we are into who we will be in eternity with You. Let us do more than glimpse at eternity. Let us have a firm grasp on eternity. Make those who believe in Torah to be humble servants. Let them serve and teach like Yeshua. I pray for signs and wonders. Let us heal the sick as Yeshua did. Show us. Let the men lead like Yeshua. Let the women walk in the ways of a Proverbs 31 women. Let us fully comprehend Your ways and be obedient to them. Let Yeshua’s followers give Yeshua a good name. Remove the cheap “Christian” merchandise. Let those companies improve their wares or go bankrupt. Remove our taste for the cheapest thing. Give us a desire for quality made by people who are earning fair wages. End sweat shops. Give Your people, Your true people the finances to purchase fairtrade goods and to start more fairtrade businesses. Let Your people ensure that everyone gets a fair wage for a hard days work. Show us how to do this oh LORD. Give us the divine connections to see that people are educated so they can get better jobs. Show us how to do this. Make helping people our life’s work.

Let us work tirelessly but do not let us neglect our first love – YESHUA. Let the passion for Him be so strong and only grower stronger each year. Refine us all in Your Cleansing fire.

Give us divine strategies for prayer that lead to success in this life and reward in the next. Let us Love G-d and love each other.

G-d, I pray that You would bless my finances so that I can move back to Kentucky to be with my children. I pray that You would bring a godly man into my life for marriage. Allow us to have a pure friendship first. Give me and all Proverbs 31 women more time with their children. Open our children’s hearts us to Your truth. Let parents be salt that we would make them thirst for the righteousness of Christ. Show us LORD. Forgive us for lying to our children. Forgive us for neglecting their need to know Your Ways. Thank you for forgiving us. Thank You for making our sin as white as snow. Our righteousness is but filthy rags. Cover us with Yeshua’s righteousness. Clothe us do not let us live a life that brings you disgrace. Allow us to provide for our family and have abundant provision to provide for others. Let us not live lavish lifestyles. But to be generous to as many as You Will. Let us gather together and share resources so taht no one is in need. Let us be like the church in Acts.

Abba, grow this blog. Allow it to be a thriving business for me and my family. Let it be place for other women to come and learn how to be a Proverbs 31 & Titus 2 woman/wife/mother.

I pray all these things in Yeshua’s name and for His sake,



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